Bee Friendly Gardens no more

We hear about the decline of honey bee’s from the media. The mysterious colony collapse disorder. I find defective bee’s in gardens all the time. Its like they were born deformed, with the wings being different sizes, unable to fly. The heads wobble, the pointed stinger butt sort of throbbing, but docile enough to actually hold and not be stung. Very weird. There are plenty of other pollinators in nature that I see doing their jobs well; the carpenter bee, hummingbirds, bats, etc, but the media doesn’t report of how good things are going. 

I WAS going to begin a new venture, ” Bee Friendly Gardens” and grow herbs and flowers that provide nectar for honeybee’s . But you know what? Most people do NOT want to invite bee’s into their gardens. Fear of getting stung. You know what? The bee dies after it stings. Who wins, the big human or the tiny bee? Bee’s wish no harm upon humans, its humans who harm bee’s. This is where the media has failed; to educate consumers, aka, people, on how this insect can be saved. People are running backwards to obliviate the bee;s it seems.

After lurking about in retail nurseries in I’ve heard consumers ask nothing of how they can help the bee’s. Not a word. In fact, they ask for toxic chemicals to bomb entire colonies. Yet we hear the opposite in the news, at least I do. Fearful people run in hoards to big box stores, or local nurseries, grabbing as much toxic chemicals as they can, never considering A) calling a pest control company for pests in general or B) what else these chemical wreak havoc on.

I can say for certain that the European Honey Bee is on its way out thats to unmitigated and unlicensed use of pesticides that are sold with no restrictions to people who cant read directions on the label of these killer chemicals, and apply them with relish. Blast their own immediate environment with cancer causing chemicals in humans. Thanks to deregulation on a federal level, uneducated and upset people can wage war on the innocent insects that mean us no harm at all.

I will not be unveiling my business “Bee Friendly Gardens” to the garden centers. It wont sell. People do not want beneficial insects in their garden because they may get stung. They do not care about honey really. Honey is something you get at the store anyhow. Average people do not know about what this mystery “pollination” is. This is sad. 

I feel that its my duty to inform people about pollination, other pollinators than one species, but I’m not going to give up my garden space with a greenhouse to grow plants that wont sell. I will be designing my garden now that I’m taking down my greenhouse. What a treat for you readers! I will post more about my Bee Friendly Plants for your education. Maybe saving nature through information is going to be done right here.



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